Without effective marketing, very little will sell itself.

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Find and buy what you want on the fly.

Akouba is a virtual marketplace where people can enjoy a full-service customer experience and interact directly with businesses – all in one intuitive app.

Find Specials & Promotions

Use the robust search function to find exactly what you’re looking for and start saving!

Purchase Products and Services

You can purchase goods and services right from your Smartphone.

Appointments & Reservations

You can make appointments and reservations with your favorite businesses through the App.

User view of business' virtual "storefront".

“Favorite” Your Businesses

Designate which businesses are your favorites and receive special deals and offers from them.

1-to-1 Chat with Businesses

You can communicate with your favorite businesses via chat instead of calling.

View Transaction History

Maintain your history with any business with which you’ve done business.

High Performance Marketing Solution

Your Complete Marketing Solution!

  • Akouba is the next generation one stop marketing solution that connects your business directly to your clients’ smartphone through a robust and simple to use App

Akouba is designed to help your business:

  • Keep Your Clients
    • By staying in touch with your valued customers you stay relevant with them and they stay loyal to you.
  • Gain New Clients
    • By creating an online presence and a virtual storefront through our App you get exposure to thousands of new customers.
  • Save Money on Marketing
    • Our single affordable subscription gives you a dashboard to conduct nearly all of your marketing needs as well as an App presence on your customer's smartphone.
  • Level the Playing Field
    • Now through Akouba, you have access to "the" state-of-the-art technology and marketing solutions that your large competitors do.

Powerful marketing tools at your finger-"tap".

The Akouba business "dashboard".

Control your marketing from one portable, intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Create your own specials at any price, quantity and run time and keep ALL the proceeds.
  • Terms that worked for your business.
  • Empowering clients/customers to make appointments & reservations.
  • Communicate with your customers 1-to-1 via live chat from a smart device.
  • Keep ALL of the proceeds from your sales and monitor your performance.

Market Your Business with Confidence

Spend your valuable time growing your business and being productive. Akouba empowers the business owner through a powerful and broad-reaching app within a user-friendly system.

Secure Transactions

Conduct business and communicate with your customers in a completely secure environment.

24/7 Support

We are here when you need us to partner with you and your business.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Akouba is constantly improving and adding new features and utilizing most updated technology to keep your business ahead of the curve.

User-Intuitive Interface

Akouba provides the User a gorgeous, functional interface in which they can interact directly with any business within the community, both locally and beyond.

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